Mio VELO Review

A Smart Heart Rate Band Makes Users Happy and Healthy

Many fitness products and accessories are available in the market at this time. Users of these products get the best improvement in their health and routine life.  They have planned to buy a brand new fitness product and monitor the heart rate. They can find all key features and benefits of a Mio VELO online.  Different sections in this honest Mio VELO review explain this heart rate band in detail. You can take note of the following details and upgrade your way to enhance the heart health.

An In-depth Mio VELO Review

What is Mio VELO?

Mio VELO review

Mio VELO is an advanced yet user-friendly cycling heart rate band.  This band has premium elements to transmit data from sensors to apps in users’ mobile gadgets.  Users of fitness apps, bike computers, and GPS watches can take advantage of the highest possible compatibility of this cycling heart rate band.  They will be satisfied not only because the maximum accuracy of this product, but also the most fashionable design of this heart rate band.

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Mio VELO Key Features:

Every feature of this fitness product is attractive because its role to assist users who seek a notable improvement in their heart health.

The main attractions of this product are as follow.

  • Bluetooth smart sync method
  • EKG accurate heart rate
  • LED Display
  • Optical heart rate sensors
  • Rechargeable Li-poly battery with the best suitable USB charger
  • Soft silicone material
  • The battery life up to 8 hours
  • Water resistant
  • The maximum compatibility
  • User-friendliness
  • Avant-garde sensors

How Does Mio VELO Work?

The first step to use this heart rate tracker is to buy it online at the official portal.  You have to install the best suitable app in the fitness category in your Smartphone. Keep in mind that apps have to be compatible with this heart rate band. Sensors in this app are rich in quality. These sensors sense users’ activities and send these signals to an app in the Smartphone.  Thus, users of this product can identify their heart health condition at this time.

Water Resistance

You may love to play water based sports like swimming.  If you wear this heart rate band while swimming or playing any water based game, then you will be surprised with the maximum water resistant feature of this activity tracker.

Battery Life

This Mio VELO cycling heart rate band has the battery life up to 8 hours. Users of this product can wear it and do not have to think about the battery every so often.

App Support

As the best fitness product with the maximum compatibility, a Mio VELO is known among those who love advanced fitness products and accessories these days. This product supports various apps like Mio GO and Mio PAI.

Watch this video to know how to pair your ANT+ speed and cadence bike sensors:

Mio VELO Review – Final Thought

This Mio VELO review assists you to be aware of specifications and benefits of this cycling heart rate wristband in detail. You can buy this heart rate monitor when you like to enhance your activities and diet plan as per your heart health condition every time.  You will get more than estimated benefits from this smart fitness product.

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(Mio VELO Review)

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