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Quick Mio VELO Review

People of this generation have become too conscious of health and fitness. There are two kinds of people who do work-outs and exercises regularly. Those who want to shed weight and relieve from obesity and the other one is those who are fitness freak. The second category people always practice fitness regularly and they love to do it. As there is a great increase of junk foods, pollution, severe work schedule and other stress people tend to put weight and suffer from obesity. Obesity is not just a matter of weight but it affects the health of our body.

The weight loss or fitness exercises should be done with the heart rate transmitters so that it will show the heart rate during the exercise. The heart rate during the exercise and the work-outs is an indication. There are heart rate monitors like Mio VELO, which shows the rate of the heart beat. You can get the Mio VELO review on online before buying it.

The Pros and Cons of the Mio VELO

The Mio VELO is the one of the best cycling heart rate wristband in the market. Though there are many advantages in using the product there are few disadvantages to be discussed.

Pros: The product is very accurate and the display is too good. The different pulse zones and the options provided with the product are amazing.

Cons: People become data oriented than concentrating on the work-outs. This is one of the major disadvantage of using the heart rate indicator or monitor. The heart zone gets changed in Mio VELO shows as the person moves to various zones so they will not be able to find the exact, needed work out. There is no timer option to check the time while doing jogging or other exercise.

Mio VELO Cycling Heart Rate Monitor Wristband

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To see the pulse rate or the heart rate indications there is a device called heart rate indicator which shows the heart rate exactly and the people who do cycling, jogging, walking and other sport activities can easily know the heart beat rate when they do work-out. The idea of fitness starts with the work outs. There are many work-out programs for fitness and health. The youths and teens today focus more on exercises and diet plans to get shape. Getting a shaped physique is their aim and for that they try all the possibilities to get a proper fitness program.

The heart rate monitor is used to show that whether they get any change by doing exercises. People think that burning the calories is enough to get fit. Severe burning of calories will affect your health there should be a limit because our body needs some amount of calories. The amount of calories burned is not exactly the indicator for fitness. The important indicator about the fitness of the body is the heart rate. The heart beat rate is very important and it indicates the actual response of the body for the exercises and work-outs done.

Key Features of Mio VELO

  • The main feature of Mio VELO is it transmits data from sensors straight to iOS Smartphone apps
  • The transmission of the heart rate happens through Bluetooth Smart.
  • The data is transmitted to computers, fitness apps & GPS watches.
  • The design is stylish, comfortable, and has chest straps and wrist straps.

Set Up

The set up of Mio VELO heart rate band is easy and it takes very short time to do the setup. Switch on the blue tooth in the device and in the smart phone also. Then scan for the nearby Bluetooth devices from the smart phone. The phone will show the availability of the heart rate monitor. Once you see the option, click ok to connect the device. The device will respond and the smart phone will get connected to the device. The smart phone must be installed with fitness software so that the data will be sent to the smear phone from the heart rate monitor.

Check this video to know how to use Mio VELO cycling heart rate wristband:


The product has many features and it is highly useful for the sports people, the jogging and cycling people. It actually encourages the person by showing the heart rate. People will be able to increase or decrease their workout using this. The device is fast and never lagging in performance. It is most like and favorite device as the Mio VELO review proves it for sure. If the hand is wet and not warm then the device will not work properly. So the user has to warm their hand little so that the device will work fast.

Final Thought – Does Mio VELO Good?

In is the one of leading company that provides better performance with multiple potions. The use of the band is very easy and the look of the heart rate band or monitor is awesome. If you see the Mio VELO review, you can get the idea about the product and the performance details of the product. The product is amazing and proves its quality. The heart rate monitor of the Mio VELO is water resistant and its durability is appreciative. Mio VELO heart rate band or monitor is designed to stay safe and hard in any type of climate may be wind, snow, rain or whatever.

The water resistance is very useful as many of the users review the product as one of the best among the top heart rate band or monitor. The app support given by the device is really commendable as it never lags in performance and the heart rate data will be transferred efficiently without any issues to computer and iOS smart phones. The app for reading the heart rate and storing the heart rate on the phone is available in iTunes. The users can use the app to keep track of the heart rates so that they can regulate their exercise, work out, cycling or any other sports.

Coming to the conclusion, after reading the Mio VELO review the product is easy to use and worth to buy and use.

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