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Mio LINK – The World-Class Heart Rate Wristband from a Renowned Brand

Many individuals these days are very conscious about their physical as well as mental health. They listen to different ways for improving their health. They have geared up to invest in products that let users to monitor their heart rate and other health conditions. Here is an unbiased Mio LINK review to help them to make an informed decision on investment in an ideal heart rate wristband. A Special Mio LINK coupon code is also available for customers.

An In-depth Mio LINK Review

What is a Mio LINK?

A Mio Link is the most outstanding heart rate wristband in our time. This stylish wristband has advanced features to monitor the heart rate of a wearer.  Users of this trendy heart rate wristband are comfortable and confident. This is because they get the maximum support for identifying their heart’s health condition.

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Key Features of Mio LINK

Mio LINK ReviewAttention-grabbing features of a Mio Link are as follows.

  • Soft silicone material
  • LED Display
  • Rechargeable Li-poly battery with the best suitable USB charger
  • The battery life up to 8 hours
  • Water resistant
  • Optical heart rate sensors
  • Bluetooth smart sync method
  • EKG accurate heart rate

How Does Mio LINK Work?

If you have bought a Mio LINK and installed the Mio Go app in your Smartphone, then you can monitor your heart rate with the highest possible accuracy.  You do not have to wear any chest strap while using this wristband and app.  You can customize so many elements such as device settings by using this app.

The user-friendly design of this product satisfies every user day after day.  This strapless heart rate monitor transmits the heart rate to the mobile gadget, bike computer, and GPS watches. There are five heart rate zones with high quality LED lights in this heart rate wristband.

The Mio PAI application is very helpful to translate the heart rate into a list of the most meaningful activity metrics without any delay. You will be comfortable when you use the user manual available along with this product. This is because crystal clear details about everything associated with this heart rate wristband.

Water Resistance

The water resistant capacity of this heart rate wristband is 30m (3 ATM).  Thus, you can use this wristband heart rate while swimming or engaging in any other water sports activities without a doubt about the performance.

Battery Life

A Mio LINK heart rate wristband has the maximum battery life that lasts up to 8 hours.  Thus, users of this product can use it conveniently for a long time.

App Support  

This product supports so many popular fitness apps like

  • Mio Go
  • Mio PAI

Many users of this heart rate wristband use various apps in their mobile gadget related to the fitness. This is mainly because the maximum app compatibility nature of this leading product.

FAQs of Mio LINK:

– How accurate is the heart rate monitoring?

Mio products provide an astounding heart rate monitoring as they are designed with OHR technology which is proved to have 0.99 correlations with the laboratory tests of ECG. Statistics also show that this Mio is considered to be the best in the industry.

– How to Wear Mio LINK?

Mio LINK is designed to be worn 2 to 3 finger widths from the wrist towards the elbow. This is because at this juncture, LINK will provide exact blood volume monitoring and provide exact heart rates.

– What’s the difference between Mio LINK and Mio ALPHA?

Both Mio LINK and Mio ALPHA are designed with same compatible technologies but they differ in certain criteria. Mio ALPHA 2 has additional features like display on calorie burning, inbuilt with offline data storage, countdown and repeat timers, sound alerts, all day activity, designed with watch and chronograph timer and compatible with fitness apps and devices.

Mio LINK Review – Final Thought

If you make sure about health is wealth at all times, then you can begin a step to buy this heart rate wristband online directly. This strapless heart rate monitor is recommended by healthcare professionals who understand the most important role of this wristband in the busy life of users.

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