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A Brief Mio LINK Review

Heart rate monitoring is customary when we do strenuous physical activities as it tracks the heart rate considerably and provides useful information to monitor the activity of heart during workouts. Chest traps were used to monitor heart rate for physical workouts like swimming, running and cycling. But this created hassle in the user and disturbed the concentration on the workouts and thereby distracting the potential outcome of the physical activity.

Today Mio Global heart rate monitors are available in the market which are preferably comfortable and provide an exact monitor of heart rate and this has become a good alternative to the chest trap monitor. To provide you with a brief Mio LINK review, this heart rate monitor is featured with 5 LED lights to show different heart rate zones and is waterproof. This monitor is facilitated with precision and accuracy in its tracking of heart rate which tracks ECG using algorithms and obviously it does elimination of artifacts too. It is certain that this activity tracker provides accurate heart rate on continuous high intensified workouts for athletes and has shown ultimate supremacy when compared to chest trap monitors.

Pros & Cons of Mio LINK


  • Accurate and precision rate provider
  • Enables tracking of pace, time, amount of calories burned
  • Good battery life with lithium-polymer
  • LCD which helps visualization in sunlight


  • Features are limited when compared to other sports watches
  • Devoid of GPS facility
  • Costly for its limited features

What is Mio LINK?

mio LINK coupon

Mio LINK is a wristband with the combined feature of heart rate monitoring and is exuberant in its style and trendy touch. It is encompassed with a central watch unit attached to a silicone strap. It is attracted by both male and female for its suiting size and light weight.

The Mio LINK comes in 2 colors to differentiate the size for small and big wrists. Yellow and black colored model is available in 5.3 to 7.5 inches in circumference and pink colored strap is available in 5.2 to 6.5 inches round. The device is facilitated with a heart rate sensor and wireless Bluetooth connectivity to provide information on Android and iOS devices.

This heart rate wristband encompasses a 3 axis accelerometer and is waterproof for 30 meters and benevolently proves to have a good battery life. In regular mode, Mio Alpha 2 works for 3 months and in training mode the battery life is limited to 24 hours. A pretty small USB charging cabinet is included as a provision for charging the wear. Moreover the trendy sportswear look has attracted many guys due to its lucrative nature. This sportswear watch weighs astoundingly very light to a weight of just 1.87 ounces with a stretchable band.

Check this video for more information on this Mio LINK heart rate wristband:

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How is Mio LINK Different than Mio ALPHA?

Both Mio LINK and Mio ALPHA are designed with same compatible technologies but they differ in certain criteria. Mio ALPHA 2 has additional features like display on calorie burning, inbuilt with offline data storage, countdown and repeat timers, sound alerts, all day activity, designed with watch and chronograph timer and compatible with fitness apps and devices.

Design & Display

The Mio LINK is packed with an LCD display which has the capability to visualize the monitoring data in bright sunlight too. All the features and icons present in the display can be better visualized in the smooth and curved LCD model. Either side of the display is fixed with 2 buttons which helps you to select the mode. The left side button visualizes the current activity and the right side button helps to get into exercise mode. When you select exercise mode, you can check your heart rate and the 5 LEDs provided on the screen will inform you regarding the heart zone based on your workout. The screen comes in a dim bluish glow and for you to have a bright display; you just need to double touch the screen for a bright display.

For identifying the heart rate zone in workout mode, 5 LEDs are faceted with each color showing unique details. The heart rate is presented in BPM (beats per minute) and the 5 colors used for accessibility include light blue for rest, dark blue for zone 1, lime green for zone 2, yellow for zone 3, purple for zone 4 and red showing the rigorous exercise zone 5. This color coding will help you to have an easy gaze up of the heart rate with the additional numbering data on BPM. You could analyze your workout by just gazing at the color of the LED light.

Key Features of Mio LINK

  • Modes – Mio LINK helps you to drive yourself in 2 special modes namely normal mode and workout mode. In normal mode, it works just as a wrist watch and display time and date. In workout mode, it provides you with significant data such as distance moved, calories burned, timing pace and heart rate with 5 LEDs each indicating different heart activity.
  • Suitable to swimmers too – This amazing heart rate monitor is made of waterproof material which can be water resistant for 30 meters
  • Compatibility – Mio LINK is pretty compatible with smart phones that can be linked through Bluetooth technology and is still friendly with apps like MayMyRun, Strava, Wahoo and Endomondo.
  • Battery life – Mio LINK is made of lithium-polymer battery that lasts longer based upon the activity. In normal mode, Mio has a battery life of 3 months and in workout mode, the battery life is in the range of 20 to 24 hours. A small USB charging provision is available to charge the Mio device. The charging device is running with 2 cm cable which can be plugged for charging.

Setting Up of Mio LINK

When you start with Mio LINK heart rate wristband, it is pretty simple to setup the device to your functionality in which the screen guides you to enter specific data. You need to press the button for a few seconds who then allows you to enter your name, gender, height, weight, age and maximum heart rate. And that’s it for you have prompted your wrist band with generic features. The Bluetooth option available on the device helps you to configure settings in your Android mobile too.

How to Wear Mio LINK?

This strapless heart rate monitor is designed to be worn 2 to 3 finger widths from the wrist towards the elbow. This is because at this juncture, Mio LINK will provide exact blood volume monitoring and provide exact heart rates.

Finally, Mio LINK have provided you with its unique features and amazing credit points. This heart rate monitor device is loved for its water proof body, battery life and its unique performance amidst artifacts. You can buy it with our special Mio LINK coupon code below:

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