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Mio FUSE – Get to Know About The Extraordinary Heart Rate Tracker

Today people can find plenty of gadgets for monitoring the heart rate. But they should make sure whether the device they are about to choose is effective and accurate in tracking the heart rate. To explore the things about those gadgets, they can make use of the reviews given in the online sites. The Mio FUSE is one among the most preferred heart rate tracker. If you want to get to know about that, you can go through the quick review on Mio FUSE.

Pros & Cons of Mio FUSE

There are many things to say about the pros of Mio FUSE and some of them are mentioned in the following:

  • As an activity tracker, it has the ability to monitor the heart rate in the time of any workouts as well as training.
  • It is light in weight hence it will be very comfortable to wear.
  • Since it is waterproof, you do not have to concern about anything in this case.
  • It can show the time, number of steps, distance, amount of calories burned and also the heart rate zone in the time of workouts.
  • It has an indicator light and vibrate alert option for heart rate zone.

The following are the drawbacks of this gadget:

  • It requires mobile devices.
  • It does not have silent alarm.
  • It is not efficient in measuring the heart rate in the time of rest.

What is Mio FUSE?

Mio FUSE Coupon Code

Most of the people would like to monitor their heart rate when they are running or doing any exercises. Since they are putting more physical efforts in those situations, they need to track their heart rate. It is because if the heart rate exceeds the normal level, then they will have to deal with many problems. Therefore they have to keep monitoring that so that they can stay away from the unwanted health inconveniences. This Mio FUSE heart rate tracker is the best gadget in helping people to monitor the heart rate easily.

It has included all the essential features which have to be present in a fitness tracker. It has the combined those features with the Mio optical heart rate technology to measure the heart rate accurately. It not only measures the heart rate in the time of workouts but also keep tracking the calories level and resting heart rate in the night time. This is one interesting factor which is present in this device.

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Key Features of Mio FUSE

The main intention of this Mio FUSE device is to allow people to monitor their heart rate throughout the day. They can use this device at anytime and anywhere as they want. Therefore they can easily get to know about the measurement of their heart rate without any trouble. Since it is a wearable gadget they can take it to anywhere they go. This is one of the major highlight of this device. This can be used by the sports person also. As they use to put more physical efforts, this will be an effective option for them to focus on their heart rate.

It will be very comfy to wear and the user will have no inconvenience in this case. The design and the materials implemented in this device make it more comfortable for the users to wear Mio FUSE. This device is water proof therefore the users do not have to worry if they are supposed to get wet. It will not get damaged.

The device uses Mio optical heart rate technology hence the measurements will be very accurate and there is no doubt in that. It can sense the volume of blood under the skin and applies various algorithms to measure the heart rate accordingly.

Since it has the Bluetooth option, the users are able to connect this device with any other devices like smartphone, GPS watches, bike computers etc. The battery of this device can sustain up to 6 or 7 days if it is used for one hour per day.

Design and Display

The Mio FUSE activity tracker has a sporty look which is loved by everyone. The impressive LED screen and soft silicone strap gives it an impressive look. It will definitely satisfy everyone who is looking for a fitness tracker with exceptional look. The measurements will be projected in the display and it will very pleasant to look at. Unlike other LED watches, it will not irritate the user’s eyes with too much of light.


It is very simple to setup this gadget. The users can enable the Bluetooth option and connect it with the smartphone. Once it is done, they can setup their profile and tap the heart like icon in the right corner. After connecting the device, they are able to customize the settings as they want.


There will not be any issues in its performance. As it uses the Mio optical heart rate technology, the measurements will be proper. Along with the heart rate, it can also let users know the steps, distance, calories and etc. Likewise it is being an outstanding fitness tracker.

Water Resistance, Battery Life and App Support

When it comes to fitness tracker, there will be many things to be consider and water resistance, battery life are the two major factors among them. The Mio FUSE excels in both of those aspects. It is water proof and it has a remarkable battery. The users can use it for 6 to 7 days on the basis of 1 hour per day. Apart from these things, this device has brilliant app support features.

Check this video to know more how Mio FUSE works:

Finally – Does Mio FUSE Good?

This will be a major question that everyone will have when they are about to purchase a fitness tracker. But in the case of Mio FUSE, the individuals do not need to worry about anything. Undoubtedly this is an extraordinary option to monitor heart rate. When compared to all other devices in the market this will be the best. Mio FUSE has rich amount of features needed for heart rate monitoring therefore this is undoubtedly remarkable. Please use this Mio FUSE below to get special discount at checkout.

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