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Mio Alpha 2 – Great Option for Tracking Heart Rate

Mio Alpha 2 is specially designed to track the heart rate in a smart way. With the use of this sport watch, you can enhance your training performance to a high level. It assists you to monitor your workouts precisely without any hassles. If you read this Mio ALPHA 2 review in online, you will never miss this amazing gear in any case. Purchase the product with USB charger and quick start guide in online at reasonable rate.

An In-Depth Mio Alpha 2 Review

What is Mio ALPHA 2?

Mio Alpha 2 resolves all your issues that you faced in heart rate monitor. Make use of this wonderful sport watch as it is in-built with HRM. It is designed with vast improvements like distance, calories and it can track even more activities. Different colors of indicator light shows you about the heart rate zone. People who are looking for a combination of HRM and sports watch in one device can prefer Mio Alpha 2 as it is a great choice.

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How is Mio ALPHA 2 Different than Mio ALPHA?

Mio has introduced ALPHA products as Mio ALPHA and ALPHA 2 with the later designed with additional features compared to the prior. Mio ALPHA 2 is procured with a back light, internal accelerometer for displaying speed, distance and pace, calorie meter, offline data storage unit, countdown units and repeat timers and audio alerts.

Admirable Features of Mio ALPHA 2

  • Two sorts of HR training modes
  • Configurable zones and customizable display
  • No need of chest strap as it is wrist band
  • Ultimate comfort and excellent performance

How Does Mio FUSE ALPHA 2 Look?

Watch unit is attached to the center part of the activity tracker and the band is made up of soft silicone. Two different sizes with color indications for both men and women uses. It weighs less than two ounces and the users will not feel any hassles to wear it. Silicone band and digital face resembles the sports watch. Breathing holes and chunky design capture the attention of everyone in high range.

Check this video to know how to set up Mio Alpha 2 watch:

How Does Mio Alpha 2 Work?

mio alpha 2 review

Users need to organize the Mio Alpha 2 with the present time and date. Keep track your heart rate while progressing your workouts by means of light underneath the display. Start the timer by pressing the right button once you ready to begin your workout. If you hold the button at right side, it helps you to control the functions. It is really to alter the settings as per your needs.

Water Resistance

The Mio Alpha 2 heart rate watch is intended as a waterproof tool up to 3 ATM that is 30m. Wear this band to track your heart rate while swimming.

Battery Life

The battery life is really good as it can function up to 24 hours in the mode of training. Make use of the charging clip to charge the device efficiently. Two exclusive charging docks are designed with this device and so it will not give more frustration.

App Support

The heart rate sport watch will perfectly work on fitness apps without offering any hassles to the users. App will automatically connect with your tracker and displays about your records clearly.

FAQs of Mio Alpha 2:

What Colors and Sizes Does ALPHA 2 Come in?

Mio ALPHA 2 activity tracker watch is available in Racer and Shadow designs with racer in yellow color and shadow in black color. The size of the wrist band is fixed and is designed with 5.3 to 7.5 inches long

Can I Swim with Mio ALPHA 2?

ALPHA 2 is suitable for swimmers and is water resistant for 30 meters. But the product designers attach a caution that ALPHA product is not suitable for scuba diving and also they recommend that the swimmers shouldn’t press any buttons while swimming as the water pressure may damage the wrist piece.

Do I have to Run with my Phone When I Use the Mio FUSE/ALPHA 2?

FUSE and ALPHA 2 are designed with offline data storage which means you needn’t carry your smart phone all along while workouts. You can later store your data by synchronizing with Mio GO app but if you require GPS tracking, your smart phone becomes mandatory. These devices are also facilitated with being compatible with Strava, MapMy Run, Wahoo fitness and Run Keeper.

Mio Alpha 2 Review – Conclusion

The Mio Alpha 2 is truly an excellent activity tracker + sport watch than a chest strap. It offers significant benefits to the users in high range. The battery can long last all day during workout mode and so it meets your fitness requirements efficiently. It is really worth to obtain it for athletes. If you are interested to track your heart rate, it is a great buy for your money. Check out special Mio Alpha 2 coupon code below to save 10% off all your order at their official site MioGlobal.com.

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